What to Look for in a Professional House Painter?

A handy homeowner can indeed take many tasks around the house without expert help. However, house painting isn't one of them.
Repainting your house, especially the outside, is a huge task that requires extended use of ladders and other equipment to safely reach high heights, not to mention the experience understanding the correct prepping, priming, and painting methods. For these reasons, the benefits of using a professional house painter is far outweigh trying a DIY job.

Professional House Painter

Once you choose that hiring house painters is the way to go, you need to make sure you pick a qualified, reliable painting company for the job. Here's a shortlist of questions to ask potential candidates that can assist you finding the right house painter.

Do you provide free estimates?

While the price shouldn't be your only determining factor when hiring proffesional painters, free estimates enable you to shop around before committing to one painter or another. Note that a low rate doesn't guarantee quality results or a job properly done. You'll want to ask for details regarding paint grade and guarantees to ensure you're not matching apples and oranges.

Will you keep me update on the progress?

House painting projects are quite extensive, likely taking more than one day to finish. Your painter should provide you with updates regarding the painting process and whether they anticipate to accomplish the job on time. It's also reasonable to ask for daily start and end times, mainly if you want to stay at your home while the workers are painting.

Do you clean up after the job is completed?

Before they leave, your painters should completely clean the work space and sweep any dirt or dust they dropped behind.
The last thing you want is to be left cleaning paint off the floor. Accidents occur, but real professional painter take measures to prevent them, such as laying down drop cloths on floors, and furniture.

Will you help me decide for the right paint color?

In case you're not certain what color to paint the walls of your house, it's a good idea to ask for advice. Professional House Painter Experienced painters should have an observant eye for which color tones look best together.
Additionaly painters can recommend appropriate brands or grades for the particular work.
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